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Employee Engagement UK: still struggling - Find out more

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Only 10% of UK workers are totally satisfied in their jobs according to new UK survey

A new employee engagement survey shows that there is still much to be done in the UK workplace for employee engagement, revealing a number of shocking statistics. There is hope though, with evidence that employees are actively ready for change and looking for ways to further engage with their wider organisation.

Play Consult, maker of the Totem engagement application, have just released a report called ‘Changing perceptions: the current state of employee engagement’. This report contains survey results from 1,000 UK workers from multi-site organisations of over 1,000 employees. The report focuses on the detachment between employees and senior management, the impact of current engagement strategies and suggested ideas for improvement.


The most critical statistic in the report is that only 10% of employees surveyed were fully satisfied with their organisation. The most popular suggestion for improvement was the use of rewards and recognition for new ideas or hard work. This might seem like an obvious idea, but 53% of workers surveyed proposed this. Allowing your colleagues to recognise achievements and successes is a suggested method to implement this, along with considering the use of recognition over financial reward to create longer-lasting effects.


Most of the other main suggestions relate to employees wanting better links with their organisation as a whole. These include stronger relationships with people outside of their immediate team, visibility into the success of others, awareness of the work and success beyond immediate colleagues, and more opportunities to meet with senior business leaders. It is suggested that giving employees a voice through content sharing is a good way to increase understanding of how every person in the organisation is contributing towards its success. Also, doing this in real-time instead of waiting for monthly or yearly updates stands more chance of motivating or inspiring others.


Another area highlighted for improvement involves leadership. 31% of those surveyed have never actually met their CEO or MD, and only 16% would describe senior people in their organisation as ‘inspiring’. A much greater percentage (49%) labelled them as ‘distant’ or ‘remote’. Making your organisation’s management team more visible is the advice given to alleviate this perceived distance.


Remember that a modern Time & Attendance System can support your employee engagement strategy through factors such as flexible working, staff empowerment, communication, fairness, wellbeing and CPD (Continuing Professional Development).


If you would like further information on how our Time & Attendance Solutions can be tailored to suit the individual workforce management and employee engagement requirements of your organisation, please contact us.


Employee Engagement in the Workplace



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