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Employee Engagement Communication is Crucial

Employee Engagement with Bodet

How can your company get the most from its Employee Engagement efforts?

Increasing Employee Engagement can boost your productivity and therefore profit, but do managers sometimes overlook a step between engaging their workforce and receiving the financial benefits?

Employee Engagement is defined by Forbes as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals”. The word ‘goals’ is important here. Communication is a critical factor of employee engagement, and it’s crucial that your workforce is sure what your organisation’s goals and values are, and how to achieve and uphold them. After all, there’s no point generating additional motivation if your workforce don’t know where to channel it.


If repeat business is important to your organisation, make sure staff know this, so that high standards are maintained throughout the whole sales process. Ensure they are aware of the importance of customer service. If your business has limited marketing resources, make sure your sales force considers self-generating leads, rather than relying on receiving them.


If you would like your workforce to look beyond the traditional boundaries of job descriptions, you need to communicate what they could be doing with this extra effort. It might be worth putting a work shadowing scheme into practice, where colleagues from one department spend an hour or so with those in another, to see how every functioning part within your organisation fits together.


Consider that although you find it obvious that someone should be carrying out an additional task, it doesn’t mean that it occurs to them. Managers often have an eagle-eye overview of their organisation, which other staff may not benefit from. Engaged employees are much more likely to put in extra effort, and in a perfect world, engagement is purely self-driven. However, managers can encourage this behaviour and make it even easier and more efficient if they communicate what form this extra motivation should take.


For more information about how a Time & Attendance Solution can boost Employee Engagement for your organisation, please contact us.


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