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Festive Kelio Visio X7 - Time Management Solutions Bodet

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Communication at Christmas

As both Christmas and 2017 are rapidly approaching, why not take the chance to reflect on the year and communicate with your staff? Our Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal offers a number of different communications methods which can be used in a variety of ways.

Are you looking to motivate your staff and have one last push to surpass targets this year? Why not send a motivational message, reminding your workforce of the number of days left before the holidays, and the remaining goals.

 Kelio Visio X7 Christmas Graphics

And when you hit that target, remember to send a congratulatory message. Praise is a big factor of employee engagement, and it’s important that extra effort from staff isn’t seen to be taken for granted. Sometimes targeted praise can be more effective, so if any singular employees have excelled themselves this year, individual messages can also be sent.


Christmas close downs are common across many industries, but particularly with shift workers or part time staff, there can be confusion over what hours should be worked. Why not send either company bulletins to all staff reminding them of the last working day before the festive period and the first working day back, or individual messages to shift workers reminding them when they’re expected to work.


December is also a good time to be looking to the year ahead. If you’ve already got plans for 2017, bringing your staff on board early with any particular goals or areas of the business you wish to focus on can be the most productive way of assuring you succeed. This also boosts engagement, making sure that all employees are familiar with your company ethos.


Also, remember that throughout December, you can change the themed graphics on your Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal to reflect the festive period.


Remember that communication is an important factor of Employee Engagement, and taking the extra time to add the personal touch, or communicate your organisation’s achievements, can really pay dividends by increasing workforce productivity. With the Kelio Visio X7’s new applications, you can also take the chance to collect feedback from your workforce with our staff survey and suggestion box apps, again furthering engagement levels.


If you would like a demonstration of the Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal to see how it can help your organisation with both time and attendance management and employee engagement, please contact us.



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