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Kelio Visio applications. Discover the latest Smart Terminal

Kelio Visio X7 App Survey

Bodet Software grows its range of apps for the Kelio Visio X7 Smart Clocking Terminal

The Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal has been designed as a future-proof workforce management terminal, able to feature an ever expanding range of applications in addition to the existing selection, such as employee self service and internal messaging.

After listening to feedback as part of our continuing commitment to customer-driven development, we are pleased to announce two new applications available on the touchscreen interface. Both of these will improve employee engagement and communication within your organisation.

 Kelio Visio X7 New Applications

Firstly, the suggestion box app will enable you to collect, in a simple and modern way, all the contributions made by your employees to help you to improve and innovate your internal processes.


Secondly, the survey app will provide a platform for you to carry out surveys on any topic you choose. You could for example carry out a survey to establish opinion on how to improve marketing within your organisation, what to do for the Christmas party or indeed any issue impacting your organisation.


Users can make submissions anonymously, and the applications make it very easy for staff to participate as part of their daily time and attendance recording. This provides another accessible communications channel to receive comments, suggestions and feedback from your staff, alongside the terminal’s existing messaging capabilities. This will deepen staff involvement in your organisation, which is a major factor of employee engagement.


Further information is available on our website for the full range of features on the Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal.


If you would like a demonstration of the terminal, please contact us and we would be happy to visit you to see how it can be customised specifically for the needs of your organisation.


Kelio Visio X7 Next Generation Terminal



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