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Damage Lost Sleep: The effects it causes

Big Health

Bodet can help your company measure absence levels

A recent survey by the digital medicine company Big Sleep has revealed that each full-time employee on average loses eight and a half work days every year due to poor sleep.

Preliminary information from the World Sleep Survey has shown that a significant proportion of UK sufferers of poor sleep do not seek a solution for their conditions. This has a negative impact on their productivity, with 46% of those affected saying it affected concentration, 38% saying it affected their ability to complete work and 27% struggling to stay awake.

Our Absence Management Software Module can monitor certain KPIs within attendance levels, such as the Bradford Factor, and identify long term absenteeism issues before they become serious. If your organisation is equipped to spot these early warning signs, you can detect issues such as poor sleep, work-related stress and mental health and direct your employees to support ensuring a healthier and happier workforce.




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