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Employee Engagement Can’t be Ignored - Find out more

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Bodet can help increase engagement across your workforce

According to a recent global study by Gallup, only 17% of employees in the UK are engaged by their work, 57% are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged.

Gallup, a research and consultancy firm, has recently published an international study of worker engagement, called State of the Global Workplace. This study is based on data collected in 2011 and 2012, and splits staff into three levels of employee engagement: employers who are engaged, those who are “not engaged”, and those who are “actively disengaged”, workers so dissatisfied they take part in active sabotage against their employers.

An earlier study by the CIPD estimated that an engagement level of around 29% in the USA equated to a total loss of between $450 and $550 billion per year. As such, many businesses both here and abroad are realising that employee engagement is no longer a matter that can be ignored. Business losses due to low employee engagement levels can take the form of lower turnover rates, poor productivity and below average work. Whereas, engaged employees are happier and healthier, and deliver improved business performance.

Bodet can assist with increasing engagement levels specifically through several methods. Our Employee Self Service Time and Attendance Software Module empowers employees, whilst our Kelio Visio X7 Terminal increases communication and promotes organisational integrity.

Employee Self Service allows staff to participate in the absence management process by creating their own absence requests, as well as being able to view their own personal time and attendance data. Deepening staff involvement and empowering them in this manner is one way to make them feel more invested and increase engagement. At the same time, managers are still able to monitor their staff’s time and attendance and be notified of customisable threshold breaches.

Our Kelio Visio X7 Terminal revolutionises the way clocking terminals function, offering a range of applications alongside traditional clocking in. These applications include the ability to increase communication, allowing a daily touch point for management to communicate with their entire workforce with staff bulletins and individual messages. All of this can be achieved with staff members spread over multiple buildings and without the need for any kind of additional device such as a workstation or smart phone. Not only does this do away with the cost of an organisation providing such personal devices, it also removes the concern that staff could be distracted by them.

Time and attendance terminals such as this also help feed into organisational integrity, another engagement factor. This is where stated organisational values are clearly observed being adhered to across all levels of the workforce, i.e. management and staff alike complying with timekeeping. This embedded ‘fairness’ often outweighs any opposition to time and attendance monitoring.

With a Time and Attendance System in place, factors such as flexible working hours are easier to facilitate. The addition of mobile clocking in methods (for example through smart phones) grant even more freedom to your workforce. This again all feeds engagement. We would welcome the opportunity to work together with your organisation to improve employee engagement levels. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs further.



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