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Time Attendance Issues - An overview from Bodet

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Bodet can help your organisation over Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a time for fun, family and friends, but can often be a very stressful period when running a company, due to multiple time and attendance issues. Wildly fluctuating sickness levels and shift patterns, increased volume of leave requests and increased production levels to meet seasonal demand; these can all put a huge strain on management and HR administration alike.

Our modular Kelio Time and Attendance Software enables you to stay on top at this difficult time of year without any additional work or worry.

Sickness levels historically rocket in December, along with instances of late attendance. If left unmonitored, instances of absenteeism soon accrue, and company polices need to be managed to promote fairness across your organisation. Tracking this manually can increase administrative duties at an already busy time. Our Absence Management Software Module automates the process of monitoring absence levels, identifying unexpected absences in real time. Alerts can be set for when customisable trigger thresholds are breached, and even sent directly to absent employees via email or text message.

Running the company payroll can be an arduous process close to the end of the year. Many companies operate with different shift patterns, especially if they are working longer hours to meet seasonal demand. If staff have taken unauthorised absences, or taken unpaid leave due to expending all their paid allocation, all these factors need to be taken into account also. All this needs to be done quickly, if your organisation works to a calendar financial year. Our Payroll Interface Software Module ensures that all this is calculated for you and fed directly into your payroll software.

With set targets to hit over Christmas, companies often hire additional workers or replacement staff to cover seasonal absences, both holidays and sickness. Requirements for these resources are only visible with a summary view of your staffing situation. Our Staff Planning Software Module ensures a full overview of your workforce levels so you can make the decisions you need to navigate through seasonally adapted production levels.

HR Departments can be hounded at this time of year, by workers checking their remaining leave allocation, and then putting in absence requests. Our Employee Self Service Software Module allows workers to monitor their own leave time, and then generate absence requests themselves for approval. This vastly simplifies the process and reduces strain on HR administration.

Our expert staff would be happy to discuss your Time and Attendance needs, and answer any questions about how Bodet can help your organisation over the festive season. Please contact us to see how we can tailor a solution to your specific requirements.



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