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Employee Attendance Report: Employee Attendance Goals

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Our Time and Attendance Solutions can help achieve Absence Management targets

The CIPD have recently produced their annual Absence Management Survey Report, which shows that just a quarter of organisations monitored achieved their 2014 goal of reducing employee absence.

Every year, the CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) produce an Absence Management Survey Report based on replies from 578 organisations across the UK, covering 1.5 million employees. The latest report shows that the average level of employee absence has increased slightly compared with last year, from 6.6 to 6.9 days per employee.

Action is being taken to curb this, with nearly three quarters of organisations surveyed believing it is possible to reduce employee absence, and two-fifths already having a target in place to do so. However, just a quarter of organisations achieved their 2014 target.

Bodet can help you achieve your 2015 target, and support your efforts by producing a Time and Attendance Solution to align with the specific goals of your organisation.

Our solutions do not just begin and end at a wall terminal. We offer additional modules such as Absence Management Software, allowing employee monitoring. This allows organisations to monitor various KPIs within attendance levels, such as the Bradford Factor, allowing early identification and correction of any possible absenteeism issues before they become serious. This can be critical with issues relating to work-related stress and mental health. Over two fifths of those surveyed reported that absence relating to either category in their organisation have increased over the past year. Spotting early warning signs through absence patterns allows management to direct employees on to the correct support path ensuring a healthier workforce.

Flexible working hours are one of most common actions taken by organisations to promote well-being, and again a Time and Attendance System can make this a reality without excess strain being put on management or administration.

The Absence Management Survey Report also shows variation in employee absence over different industry sectors; average absence has increased the most in the public sector (50% higher than the private sector). On average, manual workers are reported to have 1.5 more days’ absence per year. And the absence level is higher in larger organisations, regardless of sector.

There’s no doubt that the challenges faced by each organisation are unique, and Bodet recognise the solution needs to be unique too. We produce specific Time and Attendance Solutions for multiple sectors, having proven experience in each. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in more detail to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

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