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kelio visio x7 time attendance,as used by Hilton Hotels


Four award-winning Kelio Visio X7 terminals will be installed and linked directly to Bodet's SaaS system.

Hilton Hotels, one of the largest global Hotel Groups with more the 550 hotels in 79 countries has just selected Bodet to supply its staff time and attendance monitoring system for the Brussels Hilton Hotel.

Staff will use the interactive terminals to clock in and out, request holidays and time off, and receive personal messages.


The time and attendance software is tailored to produce real time reporting for effective staff management together with accurate automated attendance reports for payroll.

Hilton Hotels chose the Kelio Visio X7 both for its eye-catching design and its intuitive and flexible functionality.

Click here to find out more about the Kelio Visio X7 terminal

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