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Sports Centre Attendance System - Bodet - Learn more

Writhlington Sports and Leisure Centre installed a biometric time and attendance system

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Writhlington Sports and Leisure has made paper-based timesheets redundant by installing a new Bodet time and attendance system that incorporates digital fingerprint scanners. The new biometric system means clocking in and out is now totally automated saving time for staff at every level.

Based at Writhlington School in Radstock, Writhlington Sports and Leisure is a community based facility providing a diverse range of Sports and Leisure activities for the local communities and surrounding areas in North East Somerset. With a broad range of facilities for adults and children including a fitness suite, an activity centre, and facilities for badminton, tennis, cricket and football, the Sports Centre employs over 70 part and full time staff.

 The paper-based system used by the Centre meant not only did each staff member have to manually complete time sheets each week, but it also took the management hours every month to check them for errors, lateness, absences in order to produce a monthly report for payroll.

The new system, supplied and installed by Bodet Ltd, streamlines clocking on or off as each staff member simply places their finger onto the biometric reader pad as they arrive or leave. The fingerprint is compared against a stored profile and the identity and time record is sent directly to the Kelio Integral software on the main server which then generates customised reports of time and attendance for payroll and operational management teams.

Writhlington Sports Centre’s general manager Sally Hayden commented, “This new system is benefiting both the staff and the customers. Now we don’t have to manually check time sheets, the management team have more time to devote to customer service and ensure that everything runs smoothly. As with any sport-based activity, safety is paramount, and we need to know that all areas are fully staffed. Now we have real time attendance data, we can see immediately who is on site, and if there are any absences. We can ensure that we have effective cover for all areas and that safety isn’t compromised. The software also generates tailored management reports. Current and historic attendance information can be accessed at the press of a button so management teams have accurate staffing data for performance management and future planning at every level.”

Bodet's press release has been published in several publications including Planet Biometric and Industry Today.

icone pdf Download the press release.

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