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Hotel Biometrrics Clocking In system, historic English hotel

Bodet's biometric fingerprint clocking terminals have been deployed at Stapleford Park Hotel

stapleford-park-hotelThe historic Stapleford Park Country House Hotel and Sporting Estate in Leicestershire has just installed biometric fingerprint terminals to provide accurate real-time staff attendance data for the HR and payroll teams.

Like many hospitality venues, Stapleford Park employs a diverse range of personnel including casual and agency staff, and ensuring accurate, reliable time and attendance data can be a problem. Even if staff remember to complete and return paper-based time sheets, they can be prone to accidental errors and false entries are not unknown.

Stapleford Park’s payroll adminstrator Sally Hatton commented, “We have over 150 employees who are working different shifts around the clock. It makes it very difficult to monitor staff attendance, especially on overnights and when people swap shifts. We used to use time sheets, but this is very time consuming, both for the non-salaried staff and for the payroll teams to enter the data into the system. A further issue is with agency staff who have to send their timesheets to the agency which means the only record of their attendance is when we get an invoice. We really needed a system that was easy for staff to use, foolproof and would provide reliable attendance data for all staff.”

The system installed by Bodet uses fingerprint clocking in system which recognise each staff member by capturing a fingerprint which is then compared against a stored profile. This data is sent directly to the Kelio Integral software on the main server which records identity and time. The software then generates customised reports of time and attendance for payroll and operational teams.

Hatton added, “The staff accepted the new system straight away, and we now have reliable data and we now know exactly who’s on site and when. It also saves so much management time. Neither we nor the duty managers have to spend time chasing people for time sheets, and as the data is entered automatically it eliminates the risk of manual entry errors. The only manual entries are to cover absences such as sickness and holidays or to amend shift changes. We can now generate meaningful management reports at the push of a button which can identify trends at an early stage. For example, if staff stay longer than their nominated shift, then we can see if there are problems that need addressing or areas where we need additional staff and plan future manning schedules with greater accuracy.”

icone pdf Download the press release.

If you would like more information on Bodet's biometric clocking in system, please contact us.


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