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Poor Employee Engagement- Is it Damaging the UK Economy?

Employee Engagement with Bodet

New Paper from IPPR Commission on Economic Justice suggests traditional British model of Corporate Governance might be responsible for flagging engagement levels and productivity

A recently published paper from the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice suggests poor employee engagement is causing economic issues. It cites a lack of worker involvement in key decision processes in the workplace as a major factor, with managers likely aping endemic failings within corporate governance where poor employee representation is rife.

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Employee Engagement Government - FInd out more today

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Does the UK Government have a part to play in furthering Employee Engagement in the workplace?

The Government has already expressed a desire to boost Employee Engagement in the UK, through initiatives such as Engaging for Success in 2009. But is it doing enough to raise the country’s lagging engagement efforts?

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Employee Engagement White Paper Download

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Bodet have just produced a new white paper on Employee Engagement, combining their workforce management knowledge into a guide to boost productivity

Employee Engagement enables your organisation to increase productivity without the associated financial cost of having to increase your workforce. Engaged employees work with increased effort and are more focused on embodying your organisation’s goals and key values. They are also less likely to take sick leave.

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Illegitimate Sickness Leave: The High Cost for SMEs

Absence Management in the Workplace News

A new report suggests that the cost of UK employees pulling a sickie in small to medium sized companies is £900 million every year

HR software company breatheHR have just released a new survey report, focusing on attitudes towards holiday and sickness for both employers and employees within SMEs (small to medium sized companies with less than 250 employees).

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Wellbeing Flexible Working - A Workplace Report

Wellbeing and Flexible Working with Time & Attendance

Working Lives Report from Aviva shows UK employers have some way to go

UK insurance specialist Aviva have just published the 2017 version of their Working Lives report. This paper examines employer and employee attitudes towards issues such as confidence in the workplace, health and wellbeing at work and flexible working.

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Timebox - New Bodet Timebox Clocking In Terminal

Timebox Clocking Terminal

Bodet introduces a new versatile, cost effective time management system for small businesses

Bodet is pleased to announce a press release for the new Timebox, an all-in-one touchscreen clocking terminal for companies with up to 100 employees.

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Employee Engagement Praise - Find out more

Employee Engagement with Bodet

The power of ‘thank you’ and the danger of unqualified recognition

When linked to employee engagement, ‘thank you’ is a very powerful phrase. However, used without qualification, sometimes it can do more harm than good.

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Employee Engagement UK: still struggling - Find out more

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Only 10% of UK workers are totally satisfied in their jobs according to new UK survey

A new employee engagement survey shows that there is still much to be done in the UK workplace for employee engagement, revealing a number of shocking statistics. There is hope though, with evidence that employees are actively ready for change and looking for ways to further engage with their wider organisation.

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Cost Absenteeism Presenteeism - Bodet - Find out more

Absenteeism, Presenteeism & Workforce Management

Unhealthy employees cost British firms more than one month a year of lost productivity

34,000 workers were recently surveyed across UK industries as part of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW). Findings show that an average of 27.5 days of productive time per employee is being lost each year, as a result of ill-health.

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