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Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance System

Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance System

Getting rid of paper timesheets will reduce administration and assist your employees

Paper timesheets and holiday request forms are still used in many companies today. Maybe some organisations think they just don’t have the time to consider a new system, or have used these legacy procedures for so long, they haven’t even considered changing. Either way, there has never been a better time to switch to using a Time & Attendance System to calculate working hours and annual leave.

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Five generations ensures a timely future for Bodet

Bodet Factory 150th Birthday

As Bodet celebrates its 150th Birthday this year, we speak to Sylvain Bodet to discover the secret to its success with Time Management Systems

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Bodet. What began in 1868 as a company in Cholet, France making clock tower bells has now expanded into a thriving International business providing a range of time solutions including Time & Attendance, Lockdown Alert, Class Change and Synchronised Clocks.

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Workforce Career Change planned by millions of UK workers

Workforce Management News Career Change

Alarming figures for employers with new survey revealing that 40% of British employees are planning a career change in the next two years

A new study from First Direct shows that millions of UK employees are currently planning to change not only their jobs, but their careers amidst high levels of job dissatisfaction.

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Mobile Clocking In: Time & Attendance On The Move

Mobile Clocking In Time Attendance On The Move

With the modern workplace evolving at an ever-increasing rate, remote working need not spell the end of time management, merely the beginning

As the job market shifts, it’s becoming increasingly important for employers to offer flexible working as a perk both in terms of retaining existing staff, and attracting skilled new employees. This is without considering industries where many employees, such as sales and support staff, are already working remotely every day.

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Flexible Working Prevents Early Death - Learn more - Bodet

Flexible Working Systems To Prevent Early Death

New scientific study suggests letting 'night owl' workers offset their working day prevents them from dying early

A joint study by the University of Surrey and Northwestern University in Chicago has discovered that 'night owls' have a greater risk of dying sooner due to working inflexible traditional working hours than 'early birds'.

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Workforce Productivity & Stress Still An Issue

Workplace Management News Productivity & Stress

New report shows both good and bad news across the workplace in Europe, but only 23% feel able to be fully productive

Human resources solutions supplier ADP have produced a new report, looking at various facets of the modern workplace following a survey of 10,000 workers across Europe.

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Great success for Bodet in 2017

Bodet Logo Small

Bodet reports a result of 16% growth last year

Bodet is pleased to announce 16% growth in 2017 for invoiced amounts compared to 2016, with an increase of 39% in Time & Attendance sales, and 28% in Clock & Bell sales.

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UK productivity on the rise - Workforce Management News

UK Productivity & Workforce Management

ONS report shows a rise in Productivity but the ‘productivity puzzle’ remains.

The latest report from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) on Quarter 3 2017 (July to September) shows that UK labour productivity is on the rise for the first time since Quarter 4 (October to November) 2016.

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Employee Engagement Boost in January

Boost Employee Engagement in January

Fight low morale and motivation in the workplace with Bodet's Time & Attendance Solutions

As we head into January and leave Christmas behind, it’s important to keep your staff motivated through what can be the lowest ebb of the year for morale and motivation in the workplace.

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