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Flexible Time Attendance : Advantages of a Powerfu System

Flexible Time & Attendance Solutions For Your Staff

How our customers were best placed to adapt to workforce management changes caused by coronavirus

Whilst some organisations struggled to adopt new working practices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, such as an increased reliance on working from home, our Time & Attendance System customers were able to adapt with minimal loss of productivity and workforce visibility.

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Kelio Body Temperature Scanner & Access Control System

Bodet Access Control & Body Temperature Scanner

Coronavirus Staff Body Temperature Scan to increase safety for your workforce

Early detection is an important part of reducing the spread of coronavirus. The Bodet SmartXcan terminal provides an accurate body temperature measurement, and through connection to Bodet’s Kelio Access Control System, workplace access can be restricted to those within safe temperature ranges.

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Track Trace Time and Attendance - A Bodet Solution

Coronavirus Track and Trace Time & Attendance Systems

Ensure you have a historic attendance record for all staff across your whole organisation should your workforce come into contact with coronavirus

In the event of one of your employees testing positive for coronavirus, you will need to quickly and accurately identify when they worked, and which other members of staff they may have come into contact with. This could prove difficult, particularly if you have a large workforce working shifts, you offer flexible working or your organisation is split over multiple sites.

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Modern Time Attendance Terminals: Display Key Information

Time & Attendance Terminals Display Coronavirus Safety Info

Remind workers of new coronavirus safety measures as they use clocking in terminals

With some organisations bringing staff back to work during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s very important to communicate new safety measures to your employees, and remind them frequently so they don’t forget them on entering the familiar work environment.

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Fragmented Workforce Management: Workforce Management News

Workforce Management News Manage a Fragmented Workforce

Maintain workforce visibility and productivity by solving staff management challenges caused by Coronavirus

As more staff return to work in varying circumstances during the Coronavirus outbreak, you might be finding it difficult to manage an increasingly fragmented workforce at a time when productivity is crucial.

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New Coronavirus Workforce Management Resources Page

Coronavirus and the Shift in Workforce Management


Information from Bodet to help you and your organisation adapt to working at home and the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak

Bodet have a created a new webpage which contains all the information you might find useful during the Coronavirus outbreak and going forwards if you decide that flexible working is the future for your organisation.

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The Bodet Group - By Your Side

Bodet New Website

Coronavirus News Update

The priority for the Bodet Group during the unprecedented situation that we are all experiencing related to the Coronavirus is the security and protection of its employees, customers and partners.

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Holiday Pay Changes: Is Your Organisation Ready?

Is Your Organisation Ready For Holiday Pay Changes

Changes coming into force on 6th April 2020 alter the way that holiday pay is calculated for employees without fixed hours or pay

The Government is introducing changes as of 6th April 2020 designed to make it fairer for workers with variable hours when calculating holiday pay.

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Flexible Working Staff Wellbeing: Shift in Staff Wellbeing

Workforce Management News Staff Wellness Strategies

New survey results show UK employers have expanded historically underdeveloped financial and emotional wellbeing programmes, and further highlight desirability of flexible working as a benefit

Leading professional services firm Aon have released the results of their UK Benefits & Trends 2020 Survey.

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