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Kelio v4 software - Time & Attendance Software Release

Updated Kelio V4.4 Time and Attendance Software

Powerful new features including geofencing in the latest version of Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software

Bodet is proud to announce the latest release of its innovative Time & Attendance Software, Kelio V4.4. The addition of geofencing is one of the main features, giving you even more control over clocking in, but there are also enhancements to aspects such as overtime rules, the user dashboard and absence management.

Geofencing is the ability to specify a virtual geographic area which can be recognised by software on a device with a GPS, which then enables (or disables) specific functionality. Within Kelio V4.4, geofencing is now available, specifically when clocking in using a mobile device with a GPS. These areas can be defined as the only areas within which mobile clocking can be authorised, or the opposite, as areas within which mobile clocking is prevented. There are several reasons why this might be preferable.


If you have staff working at various depots across the country, you can geofence them and only permit your employees to clock in within each depot area. This ensures that correct working times are recorded, as staff can only clock in on their mobile device when they are present at locations of work.


If your employees have the option of clocking in either using their mobile devices or via wall-mounted terminals at your office, you can geofence your premises to prevent mobile clocking. This ensures that when staff are on-site, they can only clock in using a terminal, ensuring that they show up on your fire report.


In addition to geofencing, Kelio V4.4 also offers expanded functionality for overtime rules, with the ability to differentiate between weekday, Saturday and Sunday overtime, with different calculation rates for each. This gives you even more flexibility whilst providing accuracy with the export for your payroll system.


Increased functionality with Kelio V4.4 Time & Attendance Software


Our intuitive dashboard has been improved through several new features, such as displaying notifications of anomalies alongside pre-existing alerts for pending absence and leave requests. An additional Access Control function now exists, with the ability to open an individual door through a dashboard tile, which is controlled by authorisation rules. When it comes to Absence Management, you now have the option to make it mandatory to include an attachment (such as a medical note) when staff make an absence request.


At Bodet, we are committed to the continual evolution of our Kelio Time & Attendance System, and our comprehensive software updates demonstrate this. Just as the workforce landscape constantly adapts, especially as a result of recent events, Bodet’s solutions will continue to adapt alongside it to benefit both our existing and prospective customers.


To discuss how our updated Time & Attendance Software can help you increase workforce visibility and productivity, please contact us.


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