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Bodet Launches Dedicated Time & Attendance Website

Bodet Time & Attendance Solutions Website

Highlighted Workforce Management Solutions to increase productivity and safety

Bodet’s range of hardware and software has expanded greatly over the last few years, so in order to improve your website experience and focus on our Time & Attendance Solutions, we’ve now split them out into a brand new website.

The coronavirus pandemic has made productivity even more critical than ever for all organisations. Our newly designed Time & Attendance website has an improved structure so you can access relevant information faster than ever on how to improve efficiency and workforce management processes within your organisation.


The new website retains the same level of content, but some elements have been rearranged to provide an improved focus. You will now find Solutions for your Sector on our top menu, illustrating how integral it is to the systems we provide that they are tailored for your specific industry. Since our range of Clocking In Systems are a critical part of our Time & Attendance Solutions, we’ve also moved them to a main category, giving more space to Kelio Visio Smart Terminal, Biometric Clocking and Smartphone Clocking In pages.


Bodet Time & Attendance and Access Control Solutions Website


All of our Audio Alert and Synchronised Clock Solutions are now available on our new Time Management Solutions website. By creating two dedicated websites, it enables us to tailor content for the requirements of website visitors and improve their experience no matter what they are looking for.


To discuss how our Time & Attendance and Access Control Solutions can help your organisation, please contact us.


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