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Home Workers Visibility Enhanced - New Time & Attendance

Kelio V 4 2 Visibility of Home Workers Enhanced

Latest Time & Attendance Software release, Kelio V4.2, offers increased visibility and features for organisations with staff working remotely

Since more organisations than ever currently have staff working at home, the new release of Bodet’s Kelio Time & Attendance Software has been specifically designed to further assist with the challenges of managing such homeworking employees, such as maintaining productivity and staff visibility.

Kelio V4.2 clearly differentiates between employees working in the office, and those working remotely. Not only does this benefit staff schedules and reporting, it also creates an authorisation process for homeworking shifts in alignment with your organisational rules.

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Visibility of Home Workers Enhanced with Bodet’s New Time and Attendance Software

Leading European time management specialists, Bodet Ltd, have enhanced their Kelio time and attendance software to accommodate staff working at home as well as those attending the office.Time Attendance Software Visibility of Home Workers Enhanced

To minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection, many employees waived the daily commute to the workplace and now work at home, either full or part time. While this works well for white collar employees, it dramatically reduced visibility of which employees are working and who absent or on holiday.

To overcome this, Bodet have launched Kelio Version 4.2 which is designed to manage all employees throughout the organisation, whether working on site or at home. Any employee can be allocated as a home worker, and the system has inbuilt flexibility to accommodate employees assigned to homeworking whether on a regular or an occasional basis.

Kelio Time & Attendance Software for Managing Remote WorkersWhile staff based at headquarters can clock on and off using biometric or card reading terminals, those working at home can use their laptop, tablet or smart phone. There is also a self-service facility which allows employees to request home working, and if approved a confirmatory e-mail is sent to notify the employee. Regular remote workers can also request modification of their usual remote working days via the software.

Kelio V4.2 allows supervisors to customise reports so they can have full visibility of all employees and clearly differentiate between homeworking and absent employee. It can also ensure employees comply with the organisation’s rules for homeworking.

Bodet’s managing director, Richard Manby commented, “The growth in homeworking will probably stay with us even when the pandemic is over. The versatility in time management which is now available in Kelio V4.2 not only provides accurate employee time records for payroll but will make it easier for managers to plan work schedules and help businesses improve productivity.”


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