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Flexible Time Attendance : Advantages of a Powerfu System

Flexible Time & Attendance Solutions For Your Staff

How our customers were best placed to adapt to workforce management changes caused by coronavirus

Whilst some organisations struggled to adopt new working practices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, such as an increased reliance on working from home, our Time & Attendance System customers were able to adapt with minimal loss of productivity and workforce visibility.

Some changes in workforce management are the result of the gradual emergence of new trends, whereas some are seismic shifts caused by unprecedented events. Whilst the former can be foreseen and woven into the development of a product, it’s only how it performs in the face of the latter when a solution’s true flexibility and power can be measured.


You have no doubt made changes to adapt your workforce over the last few months. However, our Time & Attendance System users were already well prepared. Using our mobile clocking in solution and cloud-based software they were immediately able to:

  • seamlessly switch to working at home without loss of workforce visibility
  • manage a multi-location workforce split between working at home and the office
  • produce historic attendance data for the track and trace of any staff coronavirus outbreaks
  • create new shifts to split your workforce and allow social distancing in your premises
  • display coronavirus safety reminders on Kelio Visio X7 clocking in terminal screens


Our Time & Attendance Solution is entirely modular, so those customers needing to expand their systems to incorporate further functionality were easily able to do so, purchasing just the functionality required rather than a whole new system.


Adaptive Time & Attendance Solutions


We haven’t stopped with our existing systems either; our development teams have been hard at work creating additional solutions to further support you and your organisation through these times. Bodet develop and produce their own in-house hardware and software, which means we can quickly adapt to emerging workforce trends. We had long-since identified home working as one such trend, but our agile structure has allowed us to fast-track development of further functionality supporting this practice. This will now be included in the next release of our Kelio Time & Attendance Software, giving you even more flexibility and control when managing home working employees.


We have also identified a Body Temperature Scanner with contactless operation which can integrate with our Access Control System, only allowing access to employees within a safe temperature range. This means that you can increase safety for your staff, and offer further security as they return to the workplace.


You can find all the ways that our solutions can assist your organisation with workforce management issues caused by the pandemic on our coronavirus resources page.


Although it is impossible to create a product which is truly future-proof, Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions have proven themselves adaptive enough to help our customers through the new workforce management landscape created by this unprecedented situation.


If you would like additional information, or a free demonstration of how our solutions can help your organisation, please contact us.


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