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Increasing Staff Buy-In with a Time & Attendance System

Staff Buy In for Time and Attendance Systems

Our new guide highlights the staff benefits of our Time & Attendance Solutions, ensuring you use them to their full potential

The core functions of a Time & Attendance System, such as increasing workforce visibility and increasing productivity, are so valuable that they often make such a system a necessity rather than an option. These huge benefits however, along with enabling a focus on strategic rather than transactional HR, can often be seen as assisting managerial and HR departments rather than staff directly.

Traditional time management methods such as punch cards were sometimes considered to be damaging to trust, with no benefits for workers. However, with the advent of modern Time & Attendance Systems, such solutions are able to improve the working lives of your employees as much as HR administrators.


With Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions, staff benefits can include employee empowerment, communication, flexible working, fairness and wellbeing, depending on your purchased software modules. These benefits are available without extraneous hardware or systems.


To increase staff understanding of how such a system can benefit and support them, we have created a document called All_Together_Now_-_Increase_Staff_Buy-In_For_Your_Time__Attendance_System. Communicating such benefits ensures everyone takes advantage of the full breadth of features available to them at their user level. We hope this guide is useful whether you are an existing Bodet customer, or looking at purchasing a Time & Attendance System.


If you would like a free on-site demonstration so you can see how our Time & Attendance Solutions can benefit your organisation, please contact us.


Increase Staff Buy In - Time and Attendance Systems




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