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GDPR Regulations: Avoid Falling Foul of New GDPR Regulations

Time Attendance Systems and GDPR Regulations

Bodet is proud to announce the release of a new white paper on how you can best adhere to GDPR Regulations with a Time & Attendance System

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force as of 25th May 2018. If you are using a Time & Attendance System, there are many aspects to consider, since such a system will contain personal data of your staff. Our new white paper will offer guidance on this complicated subject.

Bodet's Time & Attendance Solutions are specifically designed to assist you with your responsibilities as a Data Controller, with features such as configurable access rights, full traceability and adjustable data retention periods. Bodet are also fully compliant as a Data Processor, with an assigned Data Protection Officer, highly secure hosting centres with ISAE3402 and ISO27001 certification for our cloud solutions, and policies for Personal Data Management and Information System Security.

If you would like more information on our Time & Attendance Solutions, please contact us.

How To Avoid Falling Foul of the New GDPR Regulations

International time management specialists, Bodet Ltd, have launched a White Paper that clarifies how the implementation of the new GDPR regulations relate to Time & Attendance Systems.

GDPR Regulations and Time Attendance SystemsThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law in May 2018 and has huge implications for the way that all organisations manage personal data. Despite a plethora of publicity and guidance, there still remains much confusion about the implications of this new legislation to employers generally and to Human Resources (HR) departments in particular.

Every employer processes personal data of their employees as a routine part of business. This will include their names, addresses, contact details, bank account details, and salary data which can be held in a paper-based or digital format. The need to process such data is self-evident, and often mandatory for employers.

White Paper Time & Attendance and GDPRIn this digital age, employee data held by businesses goes beyond such basic information. Employers collect and hold other personal data and it may not be immediately apparent that this may also be subject to GDPR. For instance, it may include expenses, travel and even medical information. If it relates to any individual who is an EU resident, then the data and the manner in which it is processed now comes under the GDPR regulations.

New digital technologies offer tremendous capabilities to help organisations and their employees improve work performance and enable opportunities like working from home.

It’s a potential minefield, and although well intentioned, organisations may inadvertently fall foul of the new regulations and find themselves subject to fines of up to 4% of the company’s global annual turnover of the previous year, or 20 million euros, whichever is larger.

With this in mind, Bodet have produced a White Paper “INFORMATION REGARDING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF GDPR”. This document informs employers of their new obligations within the framework of GDPR and describes how Bodet, as a data processor, can help organisations comply with GDPR in relation to the products and software it offers.

This White Paper is available as a free downloadable document from their website https://www.bodet.co.uk/images/GDPR_Compliance_Bodet_Software.pdf.

Download the complete press release here.

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