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Workforce Career Change planned by millions of UK workers

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Alarming figures for employers with new survey revealing that 40% of British employees are planning a career change in the next two years

A new study from First Direct shows that millions of UK employees are currently planning to change not only their jobs, but their careers amidst high levels of job dissatisfaction.

More than 2,000 British workers were surveyed in the report, commissioned to promote their new current account switching incentive. Worringly for employers, 47% of those surveyed stated that they find their current careers unfulfilling.


Although career changes are often thought to be more popular with younger workers, 49% of over-55s were amongst those planning to change their career in the next two years, compared to just a quarter of Millennials.


Head of First Direct, Joe Gordon, said: “It’s easy to associate career switching with the early years of your working life, but our research found the desire to do something completely different spans every age and generation. Even 42% of over-45s plan to change careers in the next two years.


“Money isn’t the driving factor behind a career switch. People are keen to learn new skills, or to do something they find more personally satisfying. Almost one in five are considering teaching, nursing or charity work as an alternative career.”


Workforce Management News UK Career Change


As well as a drive to learn new skills, one of the top factors stated for the decision to change careers was a better work-life balance. Whatever the reason, it is clear that employers must take imminent action to retain staff and avoid a possible skill deficit, especially when it comes to the over-55s.


Flexible working is an easy way to offer your employees an improved work-life balance. With modern Time & Attendance Systems, all flexible working practices can be offered without any additional strain on HR administration. It’s also important to consider Employee Engagement to retain talented staff, especially in an increasingly buoyant job market. Engagement factors such as staff empowerment, communication and wellbeing can all be boosted with Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions.


If you would like to see how your specific flexible working or employee engagement requirements can be met by our Time & Attendance Systems, please contact us to arrange a free demonstration.



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