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Mobile Clocking In: Time & Attendance On The Move

Mobile Clocking In Time Attendance On The Move

With the modern workplace evolving at an ever-increasing rate, remote working need not spell the end of time management, merely the beginning

As the job market shifts, it’s becoming increasingly important for employers to offer flexible working as a perk both in terms of retaining existing staff, and attracting skilled new employees. This is without considering industries where many employees, such as sales and support staff, are already working remotely every day.

Bodet have already discussed how a recent survey of employers ranked flexible working as more attractive to a salary increase, with 34% preferring a more flexible approach to a 3% pay rise. The UK Government itself is also keen to promote such practices, by allowing anyone to make an application for flexible working after being with an employer for six months.


So, if you don’t have staff working remotely already, it’s likely to become a growing aspect of your organisation going forward and something you cannot ignore. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that you can still have a time management solution to increase productivity and reduce the strain on your HR administrative department.


In this situation, using paper or manual timesheets can be particularly unreliable, since you’re waiting for remote members of staff to send in their hours. This can cause inaccuracies if not always filled in by staff as they go, and creates a backlog of work for HR departments when multiple members of staff return their hours just before salary deadlines.


A Mobile Time & Attendance Solution will solve these issues, allowing staff to clock in and out from any device with an internet connection, such as a smartphone or tablet. These methods will even record the clocking location when such devices have an active GPS.


Mobile Clocking In


Functionality doesn’t just stop with the ability to register attendance. With the right software modules, staff members are empowered to make absence requests, view personal clocking results, clock in for activities (so they can be tracked) and even use access control.


Managers can also have additional mobile functionality, giving them the same control they have whilst sitting at their desk. The ability to clock in or out for a third party, access a planning view and validate absence requests are all available through a mobile device.


If you would like a demonstration of our Mobile Time & Attendance Solution, and how it can be adapted for the specific requirements of your workforce, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a free demonstration.



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