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Workforce Productivity & Stress Still An Issue

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New report shows both good and bad news across the workplace in Europe, but only 23% feel able to be fully productive

Human resources solutions supplier ADP have produced a new report, looking at various facets of the modern workplace following a survey of 10,000 workers across Europe.

Although the report focuses on both positive and negative findings, it exposes continuing issues with productivity and wellbeing.


Starting with good news, optimism in the workplace is up to 79%, a 1% increase on last year. This is skewed towards younger workers, with 81% of under 35s saying they feel optimistic at work, compared with 76% of the over 45 group.


Looking at staff retention, 13% say they are looking to leave their current organisation within the next 12 months. However, balancing that out, 26% say they are intending to stay with their current organisation for the rest of their working lives.


Examining the proficiency level of staff, worringly, only 83% feel confident that they have the skills to succeed in their current role. Again, these results vary with age, with 86% of 16 to 24 year olds feeling confident, but only 79% of the 45 to 54 age group.


When it comes to motivation, pay and remuneration is the top motivator, favoured by 47% of respondents. However, this means that over half don’t identify it as the biggest driver. Other factors include work-life balance (22%), relationships with colleagues (21%), and praise and recognition (18%).


Workplace Management Productivity Stress


Productivity is still struggling, with only 23% saying their workplace enables them to be fully productive all the time. 46% say they are only at their most productive most of the time. In the UK, 13% say they are either rarely, or never, able to reach full productivity. Examining possible reasons for this productivity drop off, the highest cited reason is bad management, at 19%. This is followed by inefficient systems and processes (18%) and slow and inefficient technology (15%).


18% of workers say they endure stress daily, a 5% increase on last year. 30% say they are so stressed, they are considering finding a new job. 37% of 16 to 24 year olds are looking at changing jobs because of stress, declining to 17% of the over 55 age group. Another concern is that 14% believe their company has no interested in their mental wellbeing at all, whilst 34% say there is just a low level of interest.


Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions will increase productivity across your organisation, with functions such as staff planning and job costing. This will allow you to identify potential areas of low productivity, enabling you to take action, reducing the cost of each activity. Our Absence Management solution also lets you analyse patterns of staff absence, so you can identify causes such as stress and support staff before long-term absence occurs, as well as monitor the effects of your wellbeing strategy.


If you would like a demonstration to see how we can tailor our Time & Attendance Systems for the specific needs of your organisation, please contact us.



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